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RSAC Tasks

Task Statement Task Number Link
Train Braking Modernization 2023-03 pdf
Enhancement of Hazardous Train Designations 2023-02 pdf
Wayside Detectors 2023-01 pdf
Practices to Maximize Alertness and Reduce Fatigue 2022-05 pdf
Critical Incident Stress Plans/Part 272 Amendments 2022-04 pdf
Confidential Close Call Reporting System 2022-03 pdf
220 Subpart C - Electronic Devices 2022-02 pdf
Roadway Worker Protection 2022-01 pdf
Track Inspection 2019-05 pdf
Track Geometry 2019-04 pdf
Signal Employees Certification 2019-03 pdf
Train Dispatcher Certification 2019-02 pdf
Part 225 Accident Reporting 2019-01 pdf
Tourist & Historic Railroads 2018-02 pdf
Review of Passenger Safety Issues 2018-01 pdf
Speed Enforcement Wayside Warning Signs 2016-01 pdf
Hazardous Materials Issues 2015-05 pdf
Rail Integrity III 2015-03 pdf
Track Geometry 2015-02 pdf
Track Subpart F Inspection 2015-01 pdf
Remote Control Locomotive Operations 2014-03 pdf
Rail Integrity 2014-02 pdf
Inward-Outward Facing Recording Devices Mounted in Controlling Locomotive Cabs 2014-01 pdf
Train Crew Size 2013-05 pdf
Operational Testing for Securement 2013-04 pdf
Securement 2013-03 pdf
Hazardous Materials Issues 2013-02 pdf
Tourist Historic Railroads and Passenger Rail Cars 2013-01 pdf
Rail Failure 2012-01 pdf
Risk Reduction 2011-04 pdf
Fatigue Management Plans 2011-03 pdf
Track Inspection Time Study 2011-02 pdf
Electronic Device Distraction 2011-01 pdf
Dark Territory 2010-02 pdf
Minimum Training Standards and Plans 2010-01 pdf
Critical Incident Response 2009-02 pdf
Passenger Hours of Service 2009-01 pdf
Conductor Certification 2008-07 pdf
Hours of Service Record Keeping 2008-06 pdf
Railroad Bridge Safety Assurance 2008-05 pdf
Positive Train Control (PTC) 2008-04 pdf
Track Safety Standards-Rail Integrity 2008-03 pdf
Bridge Safety 2008-01 pdf
Track Safety 2007-01 pdf
Medical Standards for Safety-Critical Personnel 2006-03 pdf
Track Safety Standards and Continuous Welded Rail 2006-02 pdf
Review and Revision of the Locomotive Safety Standards 2006-01 pdf
Reduce Human Factor-Caused Train Accident/Incidents 2005-02 pdf
Review of Roadway Worker Protection Issues 2005-01 pdf
Review of Passenger Safety Issues 2003-01 pdf
Accident/Incident Reporting/Conformity 2001-01 pdf
Railroad Operating Practices - Blue Signal Protection of Workmen 2000-01 pdf
Definition of Reportable "Train Accident" 1997-07 pdf
Standards for New Train Control Systems 1997-06 pdf
Positive Train Control Systems-Implementation Issues 1997-05 pdf
Positive Train Control Systems-Technologies, Definitions, and Capabilities 1997-04 pdf
Revision of Event Recorder Requirements 1997-03 pdf
Locomotive Cab Working Conditions 1997-02 pdf
Locomotive Crashworthiness 1997-01 pdf
Locomotive Crashworthiness and Working Conditions 1996-08 pdf
Safety Standards for Track Motor Vehicles Self Propelled Roadway Equipment 1996-07 pdf
Revision of Qualification and Certification of Locomotive Engineers Regulations 1996-06 pdf
Revision of Steam-Powered Locomotive Inspection Standards 1996-05 pdf
Tourist, Excursion, Scenic and Historic Service 1996-04 pdf
Railroad Communications 1996-03 pdf
Revision of the Track Safety Standards 1996-02 pdf
Revision of Freight Power Brake Regulations 1996-01 pdf